Thursday, 20 December 2018

Travel Insurance For Students

International Travel and Health insurance

Insurance for Student 

aarpa travel insurance medicliam student aboard india mumbai

  • Comprehensive & extremely low cost travel insurance plans for Students going to international universities with benefits like Personal accident, travel inconvenience benefits
  • Loads of optional covers to customize your plan depending on University requirements

Friday, 7 December 2018

House of stars at Imagica

House of Stars

is the journey of B-Towns magical moments, giving you an extra-ordinary experience filled with emotions – both of fun and nostalgia!

imagica aarpa house of star india

House of Stars is much more than just a walk-through space with statues to stare at. It is an amalgamation of art, technology and entertainment – an experience you’d want to revisit again and again. We offer an array of fun things to do, besides exhibiting 3D figurines and miniatures of famed actors. With a space dedicated to elaborate sets, we give you the opportunity to become part of an entire movie scene. It is a unique experience designed for you to have your little star moment.